Facebook & Instagram say they were not hit with a DDoS attack

Posted by @audreylaine, Thu, Mar 14 8:39am

You may have noticed you had a bunch of extra time on your hands. That’s because Facebook–as well as other services it owns such as Instagram and WhatsApp–were intermittently down for the last many hours.

It’s still unclear what caused the downtime, but a rumor circulating online blamed a possible “denial of service” attack–where an attacker floods a network with traffic to overload and shut it down. Facebook, however, categorically denied this

Curator’s Note: I was in the middle of a Facebook Live broadcast yesterday when Facebook went down. I ended the broadcast but couldn’t retrieve metrics. This morning, 20 hours post-broadcast, the video was still marked as LIVE, but wouldn’t play. I hid it from our timeline, but there are still some glitches. Hopefully everything will be straightened out by the end of the day. On a positive note, I noticed some user-friendly updates to the Boost pop-up window!


@audreylaine We were about to go Live with a local celebrity chef and a physician, but couldn't get the stream to work. Posting an update on our feed even proved difficult. I can't imagine actually being Live like you described above!

We were able to record the cooking segment as a video, but that was definitely a curve ball!

Quick thinking, @kristagregg! How are you planning to use the video?

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