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Facebook Adds New Option to Manage Facebook, Messenger and Instagram I

Posted by @DanHinmon, Nov 16, 2016

Facebook has introduced a new update for the Facebook Pages app that enables businesses to link their Facebook, Messenger and Instagram accounts so that they can manage communications across all three channels in a single place.

Good news? Or not enough?


I’ve never had an issue going from app to app on the same device. I do have devices for work and personal to keep things separate. What happens if there’s a breach/hack? Are all of your linked accounts affected? We don’t have a business messenger account. Do other hospitals have messenger?

Mine says “network requires login — open browser.” Open my browser and do what, Facebook? Do I seriously have to open the browser on my phone, go to these sites and login to each one? That sounds like a pain.

Earlier this week, the pages app was indicating that we had new messages, when in fact they were other alerts. Since I spent four days dealing with an awful post-election employee-related fallout that resulted in lots of messages, this gave me a heart attack every time I thought we had more.

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