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Dan Hinmon, MCSMN Director

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Does That Emoji Mean What You Think it Means? New Research Looks at Em

Posted by @DanHinmon, Apr 12, 2016

Does that emoji you’ve sent really mean what you think it means? While most emoji seem to have a generic meaning or implication, a new study has found that emoji interpretation can vary significantly, and, depending on the emoji you use, that could be an important consideration.

“This may have special consequences for certain, more graphics-oriented social media sites that employ more emojis, such as Instagram,” writes @westr, who tipped us off to this article. “Potentially what you see on your iPhone, for example, may appear differently on a Samsung phone, etc.”

Are you using emojis in your marketing? How?


Lisa Wylde

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Posted by @Lisa_Wylde, Apr 13, 2016

Thanks for posting this @DanHinmon and thanks for the tip @westr. I’ve had so many emoji discussions lately with a whole range of people and the issue between iPhone and Samsung is always brought up. I find different emojis also have different meanings for different age demographics and differing cultural groups too. This has the potential to be quite embarrassing. What you might think is fun and the latest thing will have a teenager laughing hysterically and grandpa scratching his head, confused.

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Shel Holtz

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Posted by @shelholtz, Apr 14, 2016

If you’re interested, I’ve been curating a pinboard on the use of emojis in marketing and other business applications:

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