Desktop Isn’t Dead: Why Not Everything in SEO Is Mobile-First

Posted by @audreylaine, Oct 13, 2017

Are your customers on mobile? Think about how your customers use your site and what they use it for before hopping on the “mobile-first” bus. This article made me think about a purchase I made last night. My family has a team in a local Walk to End Alzheimer’s event. My cousin and I were texting about it when she mentioned shirts. I then went to to see what was in their store. When I saw their selection, I then grabbed my laptop and started shopping. I don’t really like shopping on my phone.

In healthcare, we may not all have online stores, but do we have other functionalities that aren’t always the most popular on mobile?

Do you use #MCSMN on desktop or mobile more often? Any advice for us?


The article makes some good points about how desktop usage is staying stable, the average number of pages per session is greater wth desktop users, etc. Many users often use a complementary approach between desktop and mobile.

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