Customer Experience For The Win #FTW

Posted by @audreylaine, Apr 6, 2018

Ask 10 different executives what CX means and how to improve it, you’ll get at least 15 different answers. In this podcast, hear Brian Solis make a compelling case that customer experience is the future of business. Learn why CX is bigger than any one department – and, importantly, what to do about it.


Three-word advice for CX success: “Be” the customer.

Debunk this myth! Customer journey mapping improves the customer journey. It’s all about experience mapping.

Admirable CX innovation: Experience mapping, flows, and overall experience design; they force an empathetic approach to CX.

Learn this from your peers: Career path/advice.

To raise the profile of CX in your organization: Highlight the friction that results from bad CX. Friction = lost revenue.


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