Creating Content Connections: 10 Lessons in Resonance from Content Marketing Pros

Posted by @audreylaine, Jun 20, 2018

In her time at TopRank, Caitlin Burgess has read, watched, listened and talked to the industry’s brightest minds as they share insights or tips that really resonated with her as a content writer and strategist.

In this article, she shares some of those lessons so that we can create more meaningful connections across channels.

  1. Comedy creates some of the most intimate connections.
  2. If you want to connect with your audience, be dedicated to helping them learn.
  3. Less is often more.
  4. When it comes to social content, don’t let your personal brand get in the way of your brand’s message.
  5. Don’t settle for crappy content–your audience (and search engines) certainly won’t.
  6. Your audience is already telling you how to connect with them.
  7. “Story” is everything–and influencers can be compelling characters.
  8. Invite your audience to be part of the content creation process.
  9. Marketing integration is a must to deliver the best answer.
  10. Resonance is rooted in long-held content marketing best practices.


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