Content Is NOT the Same as Content Marketing

Posted by @audreylaine, Fri, Jul 12 9:22am

What is the difference between content and content marketing? The answer is the publisher-like destination and the regular frequency of quality content that you use to attract and build an audience.

Content marketing is about attracting an audience to an experience (or “destination”) that you own, build, and optimize to achieve your marketing objectives.

Content is everywhere. There’s product contentsales contentcustomer service contentevent contentemployee-generated contentmarketing and campaign content. Even advertising is content.

With content marketing, you are attracting an audience to a brand-owned destination versus interrupting or buying an audience on someone else’s platform.


Interesting, but a little confusing for my limited brain … however, I will suggest this: The Mayo Clinic’s Health Dictionary May be the premiere example of healthcare content marketing in the world, and s likely one of the key drivers of their 30-50 million online visitors a month.

Oddly, when looking at any individual page, most of the content could be written by a third year medical student- however it’s not he completeness and connectedness which gives it such power. It’s not fancy, but it is so useful.


I appreciate this, thank you.

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