A shockingly large majority of health news shared on Facebook is fake or misleading

Posted by @audreylaine, Mon, Feb 4 11:54am

The rampant spread of inaccurate health claims across the internet prompted the AMA Journal of Ethics to call for clinicians to clear up fake information with their patients. Ultimately, this troubling trend poses public health risks, as evidenced by the recent rise of anti-vaccination content.

Health Feedback found that fake health news predominantly spreads on Facebook. The social media platform accounts for 96% of shares of the top 100 articles, followed by Reddit accounts (2%) and Twitter (1%).


Those numbers are huge, but unfortunately not shocking. So much ‘health’ garbage constantly flowing across Facebook. I especially see many sharings of highly questionable, poorly done ‘studies’. Thanks for this post.

Thanks for sharing this article. I've notices the inaccuracies and try to provide info from reliable sources. Do you know if a similar study was done on Twitter Health news?

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