A Brief Exercise to Spur Innovation on Your Team

Posted by @audreylaine, Wed, Jul 10 9:26am

At your next team meeting, pull out a pad of paper, turn to an empty page, and divide it into three columns. Each one corresponds to a question relevant for innovation:

  1. “What is the existing practice/the recipe for success/the way we’ve always done it at our organization?” Jot your thoughts down in the left-hand column, including the key beliefs or assumptions underlying the practice. Then look critically at each of them and ask yourself if any are on the verge of becoming anachronistic or obsolete.
  2. “What market shifts, external forces, or technologies might threaten the elements of our operational status quo?” List these in the middle column.
  3. “What can we do about these impending disruptions you’ve uncovered?” For each one, use the right-hand column to note some preemptive action you could take. Sometimes you’ll want to tweak an existing practice to render it “disruption-proof.” Other times you’ll need to toss it out and start from scratch.


Nice! Go HBR (which is one of The. Few non-medical mags I read monthly).

There is another excellent innovation technique called a Question-Burst out of MIT that is super easy and useful. Worth googling if in need of innovation approaches for teams of 1-2 dozen people.

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