9 Types of Content That Will Always Fail

Posted by @audreylaine, Oct 11, 2017

Sometimes it’s hard to take a step back and examine your work on social media and ask yourself, “Are we really doing this for our audience?” It’s easy to get so caught up in checking your content boxes that you lose touch with your brand’s values. This is a good list that will help you stay in check.

BTW, did I mention I like lists?

  1. Your content is boring
  2. Your content is insulting (Really, DiGiorno?!)
  3. Your content is all about you
  4. Your content is all about the wrong person
  5. Your content is written for robots
  6. Your content is without merit
  7. Your content is sales-y
  8. Your content is a big, fat wall of text
  9. Your content is saying too much (or too little)


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