8 Reasons You Should Be Scheduling Instagram Posts in 2018

Posted by @audreylaine, Jan 29, 2018

So, Later is an Instagram scheduler. This article, while I agree with the content, is one giant ad for Later. I’ve never tried Later, so I can’t say how it works, but I do think you should be using some sort of scheduler for your Insta posts. Here’s why:

  1. Get Rid of “Oh Sh**, What Do I Post?!” Moments
  2. Schedule Instagram Posts to Save Time so You Can Grow Your Reach With a Hashtag Strategy
  3. Attract New Followers With a Consistent Instagram Aesthetic
  4. Spend Less Time Posting and More Time Engaging by Scheduling Instagram Posts
  5. Easily Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts
  6. Optimize Performance for the Algorithm by Scheduling Instagram Posts
  7. Take the Time To Create Good Instagram Captions
  8. Spend More Time Posting to Instagram Stories by Scheduling Instagram Posts


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