6 Ways Email Marketing Can Amplify Your SEO Results

Posted by @audreylaine, Mon, Apr 22 3:36pm

Interestingly enough, email is one of the most tried and true weapons in your digital marketing arsenal that can help you carry out number 1 and number 3, which then helps you appeal to number 2.

Further, email is one of the most controlled platforms you have. You can actively segment your subscribers by interest, behavior, source, and more.

So, having an email list not only affords you an extra traffic resource to boost your site, but also a massive level of control over:

  • Making sure quality traffic is hitting the right pages.
  • Reducing bounce rate.
  • Increasing social shares.
  • Driving users to your offers.

This article gets specific and talks about the six ways you can use email marketing to rapidly boost your SEO results.


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