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6 Outdated Social Media Tactics That Need to Die

Posted by @audreylaine, Mon, Feb 12 1:43pm

Search Engine Journal shares these tactics, along with what to do instead.

  1. Only posting links
  2. Jumping from follow to pitch
  3. Mass following to gain followers
  4. Using auto-engagement bots
  5. Obeying “best time to post” studies
  6. Not optimizing your content for sharing


Posted by @MarieEnnisOConnor, Tue, Feb 13 4:44am

I agree with all of these especially #5 There are so many variations on this – it’s best to test for yourself and I hate #4 – it makes me want to instantly unfollow someone on Twitter when they send me an automated DM

Posted by @audreylaine, Tue, Feb 13 9:21am

Me too! When I get an auto-message after I’ve accepted someone’s request to connect on LinkedIn, it makes me wish I hadn’t!

Carol Vassar

Posts: 107
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Posted by @vassarradio, Tue, Feb 13 7:04am

I’m sharing this with my colleagues who ask “Why do we need a photo/graphic/video for every post?” Lol

Posted by @audreylaine, Tue, Feb 13 10:14am

It’s interesting, @vassarradio. We’ve learned that non-photo tweets perform better than tweets with photos. @MakalaArce just confirmed that with our team yesterday. The opposite is true on Facebook.

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