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6 Facebook Features Marketers Overlook

Posted by @DanHinmon, Jul 29, 2016

This article highlights these Facebook features:
• Like pages as a brand
• Pages to watch
• Save for later
• People and other pages
• Saved replies
• Response assistant
• Facebook pages report

(Yes, if you’re counting, that’s 7 features.)


Good stuff! One caveat – the functionality to “UNlike” a page is still broken for many Pages. You should be able to “unlike” by clicking those same three dots, but I get an error message when I try to unlike, and I’ve heard from other page admins with the same issue. So before you go through the multi-step process to “Like” that other Page (yes, I’m still annoyed about FB switching this over from the old one-click process) make sure that the frequency of the Page’s posts won’t completely overwhelm your Pages Feed!

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