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6 Amazing Ways to Use Facebook Local Awareness Ads

Facebook's Local Awareness Ads, now known as Reach Ads, make it easier for customers to find and connect with businesses that are in or around their neighborhood.

These ads have tools and features that were designed to maximize the amount of reach for the business.

One feature: The four different types of call-to-action buttons, each with their own purpose:

  • Get directions — This CTA button help users find your business from their device. If you want to increase foot traffic to your business, this is the button for you.
  • Call now — In general, think of this as your "build customer relationships" button. A customer can tap on this button to call your business, helping you facilitate sales conversations.
  • Send message — When users click this button, they can send a direct message to your business, so this CTA is a great way to increase leads.
  • Learn more — If raising webpage traffic is one of your biggest goals, this CTA button will send users directly to your website in order to learn more information.
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