5 Ways to Manage Your Social Media Over the Holiday Vacations

Posted by @Margaret_Marie, Dec 17, 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But you might be worrying how you’re going to keep a handle on your social media presence while your team members are taking time off to sip eggnog, unwrap gifts, or indulge in a bit of light gluttony with their friends and family.

It may feel cruel that the season when most of your team is requesting vacation is also the busiest time for social media. Thanks to major shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, e-commerce is on the brain this time of year. Everyone is out there looking for the best deals and hottest brands, and they’re talking about it; social media traffic spikes a whopping 73 percent during the holidays!

We know that most social media pros are hesitant to take vacation time. The nature of social media requires a nearly round-the-clock commitment, and people often put off taking vacation time to avoid being out of pocket. But with many companies nixing rollover for paid time off (use it or lose it!), the end of the calendar year can bring a flurry of vacation requests and, with those, anxiety about how best to handle the workload…


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