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5 Ways to Improve Your Reach on Facebook

Posted by @DanHinmon, Aug 23, 2016

With organic reach dropping below 1%, is advertising your only option to increase your Facebook reach? This article outlines 5 ways to improve your organic reach. Some involve spending a little bit of money, others are free.


Great stuff – although personally, I would “unfollow” any account that was posting 20 times a day on Twitter!

Facebook loves itself….just like we all do, right? A great tip I recently received from my pal @jkennedy93 (Janet Kennedy), during a bunch of webinars we did last week, was to do some short videos and post directly to FB. I think this is a great strategy to engage your clinicians (nurses, docs, PTs, etc) who might not be into blogging. I can see this being really useful for quick health tips….like 3 Things You can Do TODAY to prevent the flu.

Are your webinars online and public, @cbushrn? I’d love to see a link.


Are your webinars online and public, @cbushrn? I’d love to see a link.

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Here ya go, @DanHinmon! We were fortunate to use a new platform Expertise.tv It has a really cool community component. @JanetKennedy and I had a BLAST watching our participants connect, share & crowd-source tips/effective practices.

This is the webinar we did for my nurse entrepreneur colleagues at the National Nurses in Business Association : NNBA: https://expertise.tv/webinar/creating-engaging-content-for-your-blog-and-facebook-nnba/landing

Click on the link, it will ask you register & voila! the reply is available for you! 🙂

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