5 Ways to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Posted by @audreylaine, Fri, Feb 1 10:49am

There are a number of statistics out there around the fear of public speaking but a study done in 2017 put the number around 65 percent. Think about that – for every 10 people you know, at least 6 of them are afraid to speak in public.

The problem is, that fear can lead to issues in our careers. Fear of public speaking can lead to 10 percent lower wages and decrease your chance of being promoted to management.

For anyone in marketing, and particularly search, the ability to communicate is a big deal. From internal presentations to calls with clients or prospects, the ability to communicate is imperative to our success.

So how do we overcome this fear?

How do we improve our public speaking skills?

There is no one answer but there are certainly proven tactics out there we can use.


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