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5 Live Streaming Video Platforms to Increase Exposure And Influence

Posted by @DanHinmon, Oct 25, 2016

Marketing Profs says that 74% of businesses reported video content outperformed other content types in driving conversions.

What are your live streaming video options? This article outlines the benefits of using Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube Live, UStream and Snapchat.

Which of these platforms are you using?


We LOVE, LOVE FB Live and YouTube! We just live streamed a PrEP event and an event introducing our new Director of Community Health (get to know our new DCH and ask him your q’s). We had a ton of viewers/engagement and received feedback that it was nice to have the event live streamed. It was pretty awesome. The ONLY concern we had was maybe people did not physically come to the PrEP event because it was available via live stream. Not sure if that impacted our attendance…


Can you share more about your PrEP event, @suelowe? For instance, how did you promote the FB Live feed of the event? How long did it last? Did it take awhile for people to join the Feed? Are you planning to repurpose the stream? If so, where? Thanks!


We promoted the event via our blog, a personal FB live invite from our PrEP Navigator and Director of Community Health about a week before, and graphics galore. In addition, we sent out all of the info to our community partners. We have the video on our FB page and will add to our YouTube channel. The first live stream we did with our Director of Community Health will end up in our community year-end update/video. Both lasted about an hour including the Q & A. For our next event, we’re going to try live streaming in the event on FB. We’re learning as we go along, but have really been excited about the amount of engagement we’ve received. We also added the link to our email lists (we do a bimonthly newsletter). Please check it out if you have time. Any feedback would be much appreciated. We’re at facebook.com/gettestedcoachellavalley (HIV testing, education, info) and facebook.com/desertaidsproject (FQHC/Community Health/The DOCK Clinic) and facebook.com/dapcommunity (fundraising/events-we’re thinking about merging this page with the main agency page).


We’ve used Facebook Live for two very different events. The first was a AAA screening event and we actually did two Facebook Live videos for it. Once, as a practice run for us, but we ran it as a promotion to the screening event. We set up an interview between one of our media people and a tech who actually does the screening. He explained the process and why people should sign up and get screened at our event. Then, the day of the screenings, we followed a patient through the actual screening process and confirmation that he didn’t have a AAA. While our views topped out at the same number during each live feed, we doubled all metrics (tripled the post engagement) from the first to the second video. We promoted the second video/screening with radio, paid social media, and other traditional forms as well.

Another event we used it for was a Topping Off ceremony for a new bed tower at one of our hospitals. We shared this stream from the hospital Facebook account, to the main OSF HealthCare account. This video was significantly longer than the AAA screening videos. We almost doubled our live viewers compared to the AAA videos and our viewers watched for :10 longer than on either of the screening videos. We tripled our reach compared to the second AAA video as well.

@katiewhitt and I have LOVED using it and continue to look for opportunities to use it more.

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