5 Conversion Tips to Add to Your Social Media Strategy

Despite earlier predictions and fears, social media marketing is actually growing. People spend around 142 minutes a day on social media sites, which is more time than people spend checking their emails, even if it’s part of their working routine. (On average a person spends around 94 minutes a day reading their email inbox).

Social media sites are doing a fantastic job drawing their users to their sites and keep them engaged.

However, social media traffic is not easy to engage outside of the platform itself. Social media users are mostly lurkers. Unlike users who type search terms with the intention to perform an action,  external links and offers interrupt the user experience.

No one comes to Facebook to buy insurance. But a search user typing “insurance” into Google’s search box is most likely to be actively shopping for one.

With that said, conversion optimization tactics should be different when it comes to these two major sources of incoming traffic:

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