4 Tips to Improve the Visibility of Your Facebook Business Page

Posted by @toffenbacher, Dec 5, 2018

Facebook comprises more than 2.27 billion users. Such a significant number of users means businesses can’t afford to ignore the platform’s impact on their marketing strategies or their customers and consumers.

While it’s true that a Facebook page shouldn’t be used in place of a website, it’s important to remember that, like your website, your Facebook page can get ranked in Google search results.

Additionally, as more and more people use Facebook Search as a way to find posts or businesses to solve their problems or address their needs, the platform itself is working as a viable search channel.

How do you give your page and content the best chance at showing up for those Google and Facebook searches? By optimizing your Facebook presence in a similar way to how you would optimize a website.

Here’s how you can give your Facebook page and posts a competitive edge that increases your visibility in both Google and Facebook search results.


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