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3 Ways to Use Periscope in Health Care Marketing

Posted by @DanHinmon, Oct 19, 2015

Periscope can promote your facility and staff, and offer a behind-the-scenes view your community will enjoy. Consider using Periscope to broadcast interviews, tours, and events.

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I’ve been pitching Periscope to my manager for a while. Last night, she asked me about setting it up, so I think she’s going to experiment this week at our signature golf tournament in Las Vegas. We have a lot of patient ambassadors out there this week, so there’s a lot of content and great visuals. Woot!

Exciting. What a great application. You may want to recruit some followers ahead of the event so they get the alerts (in addition to the Twitter notice). Let us know how it goes.

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We are on Periscope @shrinershosp. The first scope will be later today when our national patient ambassadors share their stories at ladies luncheon at our golf tournament in Las Vegas.

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