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21 Sentences You Should Never Include in an Email for Any Reason [Info

Posted by @DanHinmon, Jan 5, 2017

@LeeAase is promising to limit his weekly member email to just 5 sentences! (Watch for it in today’s email.) So here’s some advice for him – and you.

My favorite sentence to never include: No response needed. Whaaaaaaat? You’re emailing me something I don’t need to reply to? And the reason for that is…?


Thanks for sharing. I agree with many of them. Not sure on NRN, though. The main idea behind using that is to avoid the…”Sounds great!” or “I’ll be sure to look at this!” messages that people think they have to send to be polite.


I see your point @LeeAase, about the NRN comment. It makes me wonder if people were more judicious about who the send the email to if it would be less necessary.

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