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Dan Hinmon, MCSMN Director

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15 Everyday Problems Experienced by Social Media Managers

Posted by @DanHinmon, Oct 14, 2016

Here’s some light-hearted reading to start your weekend. A few examples – with accompanying gifs – of everyday problems:

• When someone asks for a link on a link post
• When you ask someone to private message or DM with their contact information, and they reply with it publicly
• When you craft a thorough response and the person replies with the same question



Megan Rowe

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Posted by @MeganRowe, Oct 16, 2016

I secretly like it when Facebook is down…”Oh well, guess I’ll go home.”

Kimberly Dorris

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Posted by @KimberlyGDATF, Oct 17, 2016

LOL on people liking 20 posts overnight. I’ve also recently had a weird issue with several new comments appearing on a visitor post from 2012. I could see how one person who is newly diagnosed might want to manually scroll back through our entire history and comment or react. But how are these other people even finding it? Did the post somehow get kicked back into the newsfeed?

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