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14 Social Media Marketing Trends Set To Dominate 2019: What You Need To Know To Stay Ahead Of The Curve.

Posted by @stacytheobald, Fri, Jan 4 8:12am

To succeed on social media, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve and understand the latest social media trends.

It really doesn’t seem like a whole year ago that I sat down to write about the top social media marketing predictions for 2018!

Many of the trends we saw coming down the line 12 months ago are well established — although that’s not to say everyone has adopted them as an everyday practice!

Others have been growing steadily, but haven’t reached peak hype just yet.

So where should we focus our attention in 2019?


Thanks for sharing Stacey – are you excited by any of these trends?


Thanks for sharing Stacey – are you excited by any of these trends?

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Marie, I think many of these trends are something we need to continue to work on and grow this year. As you stated Facebook messenger is one of the biggest items I'm seeing with monitoring Social Media in Healthcare, everyone wants to communicate via messenger. So not only are working to be responsive to what is posted publicity, but also via messenger. Customers or patients now want to find out what time their appointments are or to cancel them as well as discuss their health concerns.It will be interesting to see if we see more of the communication on platforms move for healthcare industries.

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