11 Clever Tips to Repurpose Content

After you hit publish, what do you do with all the blog posts and videos that you invested so much energy on? Don’t let them wither away. Give your content new life by repurposing it and presenting it in a different way. Think of it as the same ideas and content, but a different wrapping.

  1. Turn popular posts into podcasts.
  2. Use testimonials and internal data for case studies.
  3. Combine your articles into roundup posts.
  4. Republish content on a different platform.
  5. Turn quotes and stats into graphics.
  6. Create an infographic.
  7. Send on-demand newsletters.
  8. Trim down videos to GIFs or shorter videos.
  9. Turn videos into blog posts.
  10. Turn one post into a series.
  11. Turn blog posts into an eBook or whitepaper.
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