Installing the Mayo Clinic Employee App

Here's how you install the app on your iOS or Android device.

Step One: If you are working on a computer that is not on the Mayo Clinic intranet, you need to authenticate your computer via Microsoft Authenticator. See this page for step-by-step instructions.

Step Two: From your desktop or laptop computer, go to the landing page for the Mayo Clinic Employee App, which looks like this:

Step Three: Click the blue button that says Download the Mayo Clinic Employee app

Step Four: Click on your Mayo email address:

Step Five: If you want to install on an Android device, copy the link to your clipboard, and send via email to your mobile device.

Note: if your computer is a Macintosh, you will not see the link. In that case, just copy the 12-character code, and skip to Step Seven. Do not click Redeem Code.

For Android Users: You will need to log-in to the Google Play store (with your Google account) to install, and the image will have a blue smiley face instead of the Mayo Clinic shields. As we have pushed this app out to users on an expedited basis, the icon does not match the final version. This will be updated later. Also note that the store says "Mayo Clinic Health Solutions." You are in the right place. Just click Install.

Step Six: From the email client on your mobile device, click the link to install the app.

Just click the Install button and log in with your LAN ID and password.

Step Seven: If you are installing on an iOS device, go to to the App store on your device and click on your account icon in the upper-right corner.

Click Redeem Gift Card or Code

Click the link to enter the code manually, and once it is entered click Redeem.

Then you will be asked to sign into your iTunes account, and once you complete that you will get the message below.

What if I want to install on my iPad and iPhone?

The App store only allows you to redeem your 12-character code once. If you have redeemed the code using your Apple ID, go into the App store on your other device and click on your account icon in the upper-right corner.

When your account settings pop up, click the My Purchases link

Then scroll down until you see the Mayo Clinic Employee app, and download and open.

When you open the app, log in with your LAN ID and password. Note that subsequently you will be able to log in with Face ID.