Member Conference Call: Debugging Facebook

Thu, Jul 20, 2017
2:00pm to 3:00pm CT


If you've had trouble posting links and images on Facebook - even when you're doing everything right and it's worked before - you're in good company. This irritant came up in a recent member discussion, and Anthony Pafford (@apafford) may have a solution.

Anthony is multimedia and marketing coordinator for Rural Health Education and Services in Kansas, and he uses the Facebook Developers “Object Debugger” to force FB to see the latest version of your page and available images.

It doesn't always solve the problem, but Anthony's agreed to share what it is and how it works - along with a few other hacks he's discovered - on our next member conference call July 20 at 2 pm CDT.

Do you have your own solutions to wonky Facebook issues? Join the call to share your experience.

The call is open only to premium members.

Here is the URL for the Facebook Sharing Debugger:



Phone Conference; You will receive call-in details when you have registered.

Questions? Contact:

Dan Hinmon

Beth Granger

Posts: 27
Joined: Sep 26, 2016
Posted by @beg9040, Jul 19, 2017

Will this be recorded? I have a meeting at that time and am curious.

Dan Hinmon, MCSMN Director

Posts: 2466
Joined: Apr 13, 2011
Posted by @DanHinmon, Jul 19, 2017

Yes, @beg9040, we record all these sessions and post them within 48 hours.

Beth Granger

Posts: 27
Joined: Sep 26, 2016
Posted by @beg9040, Jul 19, 2017

@dahinmon Thank you


Posts: 1
Joined: May 28, 2017
Posted by @dr_akifi, Jul 19, 2017

Good to know ! Thank you !

Anthony Pafford

Posts: 14
Joined: Feb 25, 2016
Posted by @apafford, Jul 20, 2017

This URL is no longer publicized on Facebook’s developer page, but it does the same thing as the Sharing Debugger with the possible benefit of letting you fetch a new scrape (cache) without first showing the current state. Incrementally faster.

The one Dan shares above, and that we discussed in the call, is nice because it also has the batch invalidator so you can quickly update a large number of pages. The display of your scraped information will be nearly identical.

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