Mayo Clinic Staff

Mayo Clinic provides resources and training for employees to help them use social media tools professionally. Here's how to get started.

Review Social Media Guidelines for Mayo Clinic Staff

All Mayo Clinic policies apply in social media, too. Mayo Clinic established Social Media Guidelines in 2009, to help staff better understand these implications. Mayo Clinic encourages staff social media involvement, and provides training and resources to help you use them safely and effectively with confidence.

Create your Mayo Clinic Social Media Account

Your Mayo Clinic Social Media Account is the single account you use to participate in Mayo Clinic Connect, Mayo Clinic News Network, Sharing Mayo Clinic and various other Mayo Clinic blogs and online communities.

Create your FREE account using your email address

Complete the Social for Healthcare Certificate from Mayo Clinic and Hootsuite

Mayo Clinic physician and allied health staff, with your Mayo Clinic Social Media Account, get a premium membership in Mayo Clinic Center Social Media Network (MCSMN).Your complimentary benefits include:

Mayo Clinic staff also receive discounts of at least 50 percent (and sometimes more) on regular registration for our Social Media Residency course, Member Meetings and other MCSMN events.

Become a Mayo Clinic Social Media Champion

Join the Mayo Clinic Champions program (log in with your Mayo Clinic Social Media Account) so you can share Mayo-curated health-related news with your networks on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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