Org chart for a Marketing Department with Social Media

Posted by Bill Kennedy @amanuencis, Sep 21, 2011

Would anybody share an org chart for a Marketing Department with Social Media falling under one of the positions? I am looking for guidance from Small (under $50,000,000 gross revenue) to Large ( over that number) Thank you.

I believe our gross revenue is just over $50 million. I also believe we’re the only Federally Qualified Health Center to have a full time social media person (me). Our org structure is that I report to our director of communications and creative services, as does our media specialist. Our media specialist backs me up when I’m unavailable and I’m slowly getting members of staff from different organizations to take an active role in our social media strategy.

Thank you Aldon. I have an assistant, started in June. We handle all the marketing. JRMC is growing in revenue and docs. The Marketing Team is always making choices as to what gets done. Next step is to add a position, then another, and on. My goal is to create a five year structure plan that initiates positions as the business warrants.

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