videotaping/recoding during a clinic appt

Posted by Missie Dudley @m037053, Tue, Feb 5 8:01am

At a Staff meeting a MA asked about patients videotaping/recording during a clinic apt with out the provider and MA's consent. She reports she has a particular patient that states he is videotaping/recording everything that the provider and MA say during a clinic visit. Do you have any recommendation about what they should say to the patient? Is this permitted? Do we have to ask the patient to provider his recorder?

Seeking advice.

1st, there should be a corporate policy on this.

2nd. If the policy is to allow this, it should also allow the provider the option of declining to see these patients.

Look, the clinical practice of medicine can sometimes be very difficult, requiring very subtle judgement, and putting a video recorder in the room could affect that judgement.

It could potentially put the provider under extreme pressure, and lead to a possible error – and potentially a very public error. No way I would risk this outside of an experimental setting.

If an organization required this of me, I would probably resign immediately. Trust needs to be a two-way street.

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