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Posted by Julie Swenson @julieswenson, Dec 18, 2020

Hi Everyone! How is video doing for you on Twitter? We're hoping to take footage from a virtual panel and make it into short snips for Twitter. The question is, how short is too short? 🙂 Also, how short is too long? And does it change with the content, can some content be longer? Thanks!

I find that small videos get me 10-20 times the views, engagement rate than a simple tweet with a photo, 50 times the views than a simple word tweet.

At the digital summit conference 2 weeks ago, a lead marketer showed data that the optimal Twitter video is 6-15 seconds, square usually slightly better than horizontal.

depending on what your doing, great audio may be more important than great video, and helpful to include text.

I think the key is to blend your mission, and some great written mentions and key words with a short video, without a lot of design.

In my recent example below i said something nice about an author, mentioned him, and had appropriate keywords with a very simple video. It took a total of 3 minutes to create: > 12,000 impressions, > 2000 views, and, most importantly > 450 engagements.

For a physical conference attendee on a panel, say you ask them a question, and capture it on video"What do you enjoy most about attending this conference?" OR "what do you think the biggest challenge is in your field?". Or, "What's the key thing you tell your patients regarding x?, then, @ mention the speaker, use the keyword of the conference, use 3-4 relevant keywords in the field, and also @Mention the speakers employer or affiliation ( remember, employers love to at least like, and sometimes amplify their physician speakers). In a physical conference setting possible use an iPhone lavilier. The whole thing should take less than 3-5 minutes to create per tweet (note, the @mentiosn and keywords should be ready to go on a draft note before you even shoot the video).

For a virtual conference like yours, its likely to be less visually interesting than a conference, but I would spend time making sure I asked each one the same 3-4 questions ( similar to The Actors Studio) as above, but also look for organic fun opportunities from the moderator. For example, if your speaker gets photobombed by their dog, then ask them to introduce their dog, or if their backdrop contains a set of books, then ask them what their favorite relevant books are, etc.

Could I ask you what the content of your conference is?

Screen Shot 2020-12-19 at 4

Screen Shot 2020-12-19 at 4


Thanks so much, Matthew. I'm hoping to get general ideas on how to best use video on Twitter to extend the life of a virtual panel we had at an international conference on continence. I just edited down all the clips we had that were 1 minute (or even longer) and got them all to under 20 seconds. I think that will make a big difference!


And I love that Tufte book, been eyeing it myself! Let me know what you like about it after you get some time to enjoy it!

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