Unforced, Highly Public Errors and Social Media Response

Posted by Matthew Rehrl @matthewrehrl, Nov 21, 2020

Interesting CNN story regarding Sanford Health CEO Kelby Krabbenhoft, who publicly refuses to wear a mask post CoVid infection.

Hospital CEO says he had Covid and doesn't need a mask. His staff are appalled. [https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/20/health/covid-mask-sanford-health-ceo/index.html]

What I find most interesting here though, is Sanford Health’s use of a pinned tweet to respond, allowing a rather robust negative response. Incidentally, the negative responses also extend into other tweets, including flu shot tweets.

The CEO’s action were—at a minimum—what I would refer to as an unforced error, but I thought the social media response was as reasonable as it could be, and shows pretty good judgement. They did respond openly, using their pinned tweet, and they are allowing people to comment.

Anyway, the possibility of senior administrators/staff making unforced errors like this is always present, so I think the Sanford Health story and their social media response will be an interesting reference for us all to follow if when we/our organizations make unforced highly public errors.


Matthew, thank you for posting this!

I agree that this serves as a great blueprint in how to respond to a situation like this. Thank you for highlighting it.

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I've been shaking my head over this one, can't imagine it will be the last time we see something like this


FU: Sanford Health CEO has moved on. There removed the pinned tweet 3 days ago after uniformly negative comments and they retweeted his leaving the organization, which is getting uniformly positive comments ( this tweet is unpinned). Although I suspect it was the national media coverage, not the social media, which was the cause of his dismissal, I think it was glaringly obvious on the Twitter stream that it was unsustainable for them to be encouraging mask use when their leader was refusing to wear one.

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