Twitter/COVID-19 Verification

Posted by Timothy Magaw @tmagaw, Jun 5, 2020

Good morning. As we know, Twitter formally suspended its verification program. Over the last few months, though, Twitter announced it has prioritized blue-check verifications to confirm experts on COVID-19; they seem to be taking guidance from global health authorities about who to verify.

I’ve noticed quite a few organizations/individuals in our community acquire a check during this timeframe. There’s no easy way to proactively request verification, so I was curious whether anyone has been able to successfully get verified during this timeframe.

The verification process at a Twitter has always been clouded in mystery, but I suspect for healthcare having close ties with academia (a university medical center) seems to help. It does seem
Less about the number of followers; for example @neilflochmd had over 100,000 followers and is a leading voice in obesity on Twitter, strongly evidence based info, and is still unverified.


Thanks @matthewrehrl for all your support. I applied once for verification several years ago and had nearly 100,000 followers at the time. I was rejected. At this point, I had considered attempting again but I don’t want to beg. The people who I know well who have been verified have all written articles in major magazines such as Time or newspapers such as The New York Times. I believe there is a bias toward journalistic activities. Many who have published in scientific journals are NOT considered. I don’t believe the verification process is fair when evaluating the influence or importance of medical or scientific influencers. ….but clearly I am biased.

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