Trying to prevent high bounce rate on new(ish) mom and baby site

Posted by Eryn Realmuto @erynrealmuto, Feb 12, 2019

Back in October, we launched an online resource for pregnancy and postpartum. We have a mix of videos, quizzes, articles, and blog posts from local moms. Every Friday I post a new piece of content and promote it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While we usually get a lot of engagement and clicks through the Facebook post, my digital marketing manager says the bounce rates from the posts are high and people are not staying on the site to check out the other content.

So now we're trying to figure out what might get people to stay on the site a little longer, and I knew just the group to ask for advice and feedback!

Here is the link to the site in case you're curious: https://trumed.org/laboroflove

Thank you in advance for any insight and/or ideas you're able to share.


I did take a look st your web page.

A couple of initial thoughts. I like your deep content – for example, your Strep info and your APGAR info. The content looks quite helpful and solid.

I would probably try to get info on mobile, ipad, and website visit data, and then I would look at your site from the perspective of a first time visitor all three ways.

My first impression was there was too many photo/titles for navigation, and the content titles were hard/time consuming to see within the photos. I would consider removing most of the photos, and just having a nice simple nested link list, perhaps with one top line video explaining your message. Ok and preferable to use photos in the social media sharing, but not for navigation on the laboroflove page.

Think of it this way. The Mayo Clinic’s website has +30 million gists per month, and a core of those visits are for their disease info – but there navigation structure is very simple.

Anyway, this is all just my super humble opinion, and I won’t be offended if everyone thinks I an wrong!


Hey fellow Kansas Citian!

I had some similar thoughts to @matthewrehrl. Is the bounce rate primarily mobile/tablet? The site seems fine on desktop and I like the photos, but it doesn't look the same on mobile. When I pulled it up on my iPhone, the first trimester section was large, but then the 2nd and 3rd trimester sections were easy to see all at once. The photos were not consistently sized between sections. To get to the content at the bottom you had to do a lot of scrolling on both desktop and mobile. Also, the navigation is for the Truman Medical Center website and not this website. While I understand this is a website within the main TMC website, is there a way to build in navigation specific to this section of the site? I think that could help with allowing moms to determine where they want to go and keep them on the site. I do really love your photos though. It's a beautiful site!


Great suggestions @matthewrehrl and @rmullins80. And Matthew, it would be very hard to be offended by you! 🙂 I wonder if @chrisboyer or @reedsmith or @apafford might have some other ideas. This is intriguing. @erynrealmuto – will you let us know what your digital marketing manager thinks of these ideas?


I agree with many of the above statements. Very important to make the homepage more consumable and relevant for a mobile device.

Also, are you sending them directly to the deep content articles from Facebook? Or to the homepage? Have to mapped out the user-flow to determine the most efficient path? Even the "deep" pages should be reviewed for usable content and effectiveness on mobile. For example, even this page (https://trumed.org/laboroflove/prenatal-and-labor-music) when seen on mobile is predominantly an image – the content is lost below the image itself.

Lastly, it looks like even your content on those deep pages are designed to be read, with little suggestion to act further. If this is the case, no wonder your bounce rate is high (as they are not driven to act more on the content). What is your average time per session? That might get a better sense as to how relevant your content is.

Just a few thoughts….


Agree with @chrisboyer

My website has some very high bounce rate (90's) pages which are mainly information pages – I would expect that. Pages with login details or pages which go to others e.g. my home page etc have low bounce rate (20's), which again I'd expect. So it depends on what the aim of the page is.

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