Tracking Conversions and ROI

Posted by Tasneem Alnajjar @tnajjar, Fri, May 29 3:49pm


We have our website and patient portal website as separate platforms. When we run campaigns, we direct patients to book through the website; however, the patient opts-out to the Patient Portal Website to continue his booking. In this case, how can we track bookings and ROI? Is there a digital tool that can track all patient journey from the moment he clicks on our post on Social Media until he books his appointment?

That's a very important question I hope to get an answer for one day, for the very similar purpose I have created a trick so I can periodically measure the ROI for specific key campaigns. we create a specific code for each campaign and to encourage our customers to use this code we offer them a special discount or a service add on.

Hope this could be of help

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