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The State of Digital Marketing in Healthcare

Healthcare marketing executives are implementing more web and mobile strategies to reach consumers and build their brands, according to a new survey discussed at HIMSS 2017 conference in February. However the survey also found that the healthcare industry remains behind other industries in the scope of digital marketing efforts.The report, compiled by Greystone.Net and Klein & Partners, shares the results of their second annual healthcare digital marketing survey in the US market. It provides insight for CEOs, CMOs, web and digital managers and others involved in healthcare marketing to assess the current state of their organization’s digital efforts, look at future plans and compare themselves to their peers.

To delve deeper into the findings, check out my summary on Medium

I’m intrigued by this study, @MarieEnnisOConnor. A few of statistics surprised me:

• 57% of hospitals are planning a web redesign this year
• 80% of hospitals have a Facebook page
• Healthcare organizations are either already utilizing social media or have no plans to do so

My biggest concern about these results is that they are based on just 230 unique responses. Do you know how they gathered the data? Interviews based on random selections? Online invitation? Or something else?

Thanks for linking to the full report at the end of your post.


All good questions Dan. The Methods section explains questions asked via Survey Monkey – but not how respondents were selected. I agree some of those stats are quite startling.Do you know of any comparable studies?


Nothing in this detail, Marie. I’m not questioning its validity, just pointing out that it’s likely not a statistically strong survey. The report really is interesting and I don’t see any reason not to use it, as long as the methodology is explained. How do you imagine using the information?


I store these kinds of reports in Evernote and pull them out if any aspect fits a point I want to make in an article I am writing, or a talk I am giving.

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