Using social media to empower underserved populations

Posted by Aldon Hynes @ahynes1, Oct 19, 2012

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in how we can use social media to empower and enable underserved populations. As a starting point, can people introduce themselves and what their interests in underserved populations and e-patients are?

This Task Force was initiated based on several mostly circumstantial proceedings occurring at the Mayo Social Media Summit the week of Oct. 16th, 2012. First, Dr. Ivor Horn gave a presentation at the Summit which touched on this topic, among others. Second, Aldon Hynes posted a blog the next morning that alluded to her talk and how compatible such info was with the community that Aldon’s health center primarily serves. Third, Aldon, Josh Goldstein and I began discussing details of the “underserved, uneducated population and the need for several additional steps in the process of converting each and all to e-Patients.

Fortunately, Aldon remembered to raise the subject at the Network Member meeting this morning, and it soon became clear that the MCCSM was likely ideally positioned with crowdsourcing capability to launch a project that would benefit Americans and their healthcare in a new and important way.

This forum was thus established within minutes by Paul Speyser, at Lee’s request, to proceed with the project immediately. A number of Network members at the meeting expressed interest in participating with this project, and we would like to invite as many Network members as possible to join in and help. This might require as little effort as posting a comment showing your support, or as much effort to enhancing development of the project as you’re willing willing to commit. The driving force behind such effort is your enthusiasm for the project objectives, which to reiterate, are to devise a support system that would make the likelihood of underserved, unprivileged communities to empower themselves to improve their basic healthcare needs. Or more simply, to become little e-Patient Dave’s.

I am excited about this, I think it’s doable (with effort), and I’m glad MCCSM is enthusiastic about it.

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