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Posted by laurastetser @laurastetser, Thu, Jan 24 11:28am

Hi all- Anyone using Sprinklr for their social media needs? Feedback on the platform? Looking for ballpark costs to pitch the concept to leadership during early budget discussions before I travel down the road of getting involved with their sales team. Want to see if it is within our budget before taking the time to investigate. Thanks!

For antitrust reasons we can't get into discussion of specific costs within the network. I would suggest you get some ballpark costs from Sprinklr, letting them know that you're just exploring. I think they'll be respectful of that.


@Lauratetser I have used Sprinklr in the past and am currently using Sprout (it is a lower budget option.) I think the best product for you will ultimately depend on what you are hoping to gain from it. My experience with Sprinklr was that it was wonderful – full of bells and whistles – but if you don't have people on your team devoted to learning the tool and utilizing all of the features that it provides, it won't be worth it. Implementing Sprinklr is a big job. I will also say, I had a conversation with someone from the Sprinklr sales team to explore whether it was a good fit for our budget and what we needed from the tool. They were wonderful and completely realistic. I think just one conversation with them would get you the information that you need for leadership! I am happy to weigh in or answer any questions I can on functionality depending on what you are planning on using it for!


Thanks everyone!

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