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Posted by lmcintyre @lmcintyre, Thu, Jan 24 3:13pm

Has anyone experienced questionable comments on a Facebook post that could be spam? We received multiple negative comments within the last few hours, all using the same hashtag and making similar claims. The original post went up a week ago. What would you do in this situation? Would you pull the post?

We had a somewhat similar situation and I "hid" the comments rather than delete them. That way it didn't inflame that individual because they wouldn't know that the comment was hidden (they can still see it, but others can't). And we have a community member with some cognitive issues who will basically post the same thing on any and all community Facebook pages. So I've hidden his as well.


We have a statement posted in our about section on Facebook stating "Relevant, respectful discussion, questions and feedback encouraged. Posts we deem offensive, defamatory, spam, ads, violate Facebook's terms of service, inaccurate or otherwise objectionable may be deleted. No solicitation" so we generally leave up the first post and then remove the remaining. If they respond to us deleting their posts we have responded with the statement on our Facebook page. Like you mentioned hiding the posts to not escalate the conversation is appropriate as well, if you feel they may not accept what you have to say. I hope this helps.

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