Social media for donor development

Posted by Kathy Winter @kathywinter, Jun 22, 2017

Hi, all.
Our donor development team has approached me inquiring about a separate Facebook page for their department. After thinking about it and hearing their thoughts, my feeling is that they want to do what our main page is already doing, but adding more donor-themed posts (and I’m certainly willing to add more donor content if they supply it). Before I go back to them, I want to show how a few other hospital systems handle this. Do you have pages dedicated to donor development that are not part of your main social media presences? Thoughts and links appreciated. Thank you.

Our Foundation team does not have the capacity to maintain a social media presence. We do the same as you propose and ask them to provide content and ideas for posts we create for the appropriate network. They honestly haven’t even had the time to work with us on content so it’s not something they are really pushing for though we would like to get more of their messages out via social.


Kathy, I managed communications a statewide health care agency, and was constantly asked for “our own FB page”. My response was “send me 4-6 months of daily posts and we’ll talk about it”. They usually figured out that they didn’t have the resources to do that, and would send me content for the main page. If you’re the brand keeper, a single voice is optimum in most cases.


Sounds like we’ve all taken the same consolidated but friendly approach. 🙂 My other suggestion would be to recommend that the Foundation consider Facebook advertising to elevate their posts, however infrequent they may be.

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