Social Media Fails by Hospitals or Health Care Teams

Posted by Nicole McClain @nicolemcclain, Jun 19, 2019

There are several examples of social media fails made by brands (Adidas/Boston Marathon; United Airlines/R-rated Photo; Chik-Fil-A/North America). Looking for a list of social media fails made by hospitals or health care executives.

I suspect you'll have a hard time getting anyone here to admit their own social media fail @nicolemcclain – especially if it resulted in embarrassment to their hospital or clinic. That's one of those things you'd like to consign to history. At the same time, most of us don't want to publicly point out the failures of other hospitals. A quick google search finds lots of examples of foolish healthcare employees acting inappropriately on social, but nothing about a hospital or CEO.

Perhaps the biggest fail is one that doesn't grab headlines – the reluctance of hospitals to engage transparently on social. It's always a tough call, but lack of transparency that erodes trust can hurt a hospital as much as anything. The recent New York Times article on the North Carolina Children's Hospital's cardiac surgery program is a great example.

If you find some fails, how are you planning to use that information @nicolemcclain? Just curious? Or is management asking for insights?


Thank you, Dan. You're exactly right in all that you said. The article was an interesting read as well. Leadership is looking for examples and insights for an internal discussion.

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