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Posted by Linda McMillan @lmcmillan, May 28, 2019

Hey everyone!

When we have a specific recognition date/week/month example:"Physical Rehab Day" "Nurses Week" "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" "GI Nurses Day" etc. we like to honor our employees by taking group photos and posting about it on our social media outlets.

After three years or doing this we are learning there are so many recognition days in our health system that we miss or not aware of…ultimately leaving departments upset for not being recognized.

My idea is to make a submission form for department directors to submit their department recognition days via this questionnaire. This would hopefully do several things:

1. Make the department directors responsible for letting us (the marketing dept) know about the recognition day so we can organize group photos/social media content accordingly.

2. Not to leave anyone out.

Has anyone else experienced this same issue? I'd love some feedback on what has worked for you or what things you may have implemented to help cover the bases of dept. being recognized.


It is hard to keep up with all of these recognition days, for sure! These are great ideas for making sure that all departments have the opportunity to be recognized.
I love @matthewrehrl's response. Along the same lines of making sure that we are providing value when recognizing these employees, I think keeping in mind the audiences we are talking to is SO important – always answering the question of "Why do they care?" and realizing that audiences are likely different on each channel we are posting to. We have worked really hard in our organization over the last 2 years to go beyond the idea of just "post it on social." When we post these recognition days on our external facing social channels, it is less for internal purposes (though it's always a great thing to applaud our employees for everything they do) and more for the audiences we are reaching. So, for example, when our objective on Facebook is primarily thought leadership, it is crucial for us to pair a recognition with some sort of education like Matthew suggested. But, if we were posting it on LinkedIn, our post might be more about the recognition of that particular group and their job function in our organization. All that said, it definitely depends on your social objectives for each channel. Because maybe they are more internal facing or building awareness around what happens in your organization.

@Margaret_Marie We don't have an Employee Facebook page, but this is a topic I'd LOVE to hear more about. Is the engagement good on the page, do you find that many of your employees follow and interact with it? One thing that has been a struggle for us as we've worked to really enforce a strategic social media presence is that we don't just post everything everywhere anymore. And when it is an event or a topic that relates entirely to employees, there is not really a social place for it anymore. I know it is off the original topic, so maybe I'll post a new thread! 🙂

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We also have an Employee Facebook page — I don't manage it, but I work very closely with the person who does. She's out of the office until next week, but I can ask her about your questions and see what she says, if you'd like.


Following this thread as we have had the same issue! We recently just celebrated our dentists and dental assistants, while doing so we had an employee reach out about how there isn't a day for our Lab Techs. I've been pondering on how to make a day/week when there isn't a "national day" for it, which is a little different than you. Curious to see what you come up with!

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Laboratory employees often are forgotten! National Medical Laboratory Professionals week is the last week in April.


Laboratory employees often are forgotten! National Medical Laboratory Professionals week is the last week in April.

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You're so right. They are one of the backbones of a healthcare system, that often go unheralded!

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