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Posted by Reed Smith @reedsmith, Fri, Aug 2 8:33am

I know this is a bit outside of social media specifically but thought I'd toss this out… What SEO metrics are important to you? How do you measure them and how often?

Interesting that you asked this question – I had actually thought about asking SEO questions here recently as well, then realized it was s bit out of scope for MCSMN well.

I am researching the answers to this and other SEO questions, so I don't have any answers at the moment but will be willing to compare notes in a month or so regarding what I've decided to focus on.


“– I had actually thought about asking SEO questions here recently as well, then realized it was s bit out of scope for MCSMN well.”

You know, lately I’ve come to think more about social media more from the perspective as an Artificial Intelligence Networks rather than as a marketing tools ( and remember this is the Mayo Clinic Social Media NETWORK.

This is somewhat philosophical, but consider how the Facebooks and Googles and Twitters of the world see healthcare organizations and employees and patients? Who is the customer? What is being sold and to whom? How is the website related to the EHRs, employees, patients etc..

I kind of think they see us as network nodes….

Anyway, I recently read a summary reference on network theory (nodes, clusters, directionality, etc). If I can find it I will share soon…


Measuring traffic to pages you've optimized for SEO would be a good place to start. Overall traffic to optimized pages and content can be measured monthly or daily depending on what the needs are.


From a financial perspective, I think one of the two most important pages to analyze from the perspective of optimization and SEO is the Physician/Provider recruiting page.


Consider that as a financial entity these are visitors which may be willing to generate 1 million dollars a year for the next 20 years for your organization…

it's also a great place to understand clickthroughs, time spent on page, and monthly visit changes (for example, is it a function of Resident graduation timing ? )

Key point – physician recruiting is the future financial lifeblood of most healthcare organizations. Just being a little more efficient in physician recruiting capture can be with millions of dollars of RVUs per year.

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