Promoting Integrative Medicine

Posted by Taylor Walsh @taylorwalsh, Apr 23, 2012

I saw a tweet today that Mayo is producing a webinar tomorrow (April 24) featuring the Dalai Lama, on Integrating Mindfulness in Healthcare. Last week I saw a blurb about Mayo adding integrative therapies at its clinic at the Mall of America.

Have others used social media to promote their integrative services (perhaps provided under “wellness” domains)? Acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga, reiki, etc.?

Lee, are you correlating such local service announcements with social responses? Thanks.

Thanks, Taylor. Our basic approach is to have a social media strategy as part of every communications initiative. We don’t always accomplish that, but that’s the philosophy we’re trying to instill…that unless there is a strong reason to NOT have a social component, we should include it. Most of our Public Affairs colleagues are on board with this and are eager to take advantage of the social tools to support their goals. When it doesn’t happen it is usually because someone got in a hurry and it slipped their mind. But the more we do this (and things like the Dalai Lama presentation), the more top-of-mind social will be.

Thanks Lee. I love “top-of-mind social” — an excellent phrase and objective. So if Mayo is deploying any service within its serving area, whether a new set of services at the Mall, or a remote specialty clinic, and wraps a social program around that activity, you’ll use the same analytic tools and methods to evaluate community response?

Mayo has had a pretty robust integrative medicine program for some time. I assume for others, once any therapy or service passes clinical muster, it is treated like any other newly offered service? Maybe I should be asking: Is your community expressing interest in integrative therapies? And if so, is that path into the institution arriving through social channels?

(I have always drawn a correlation between the Net and integrative, nee: alternative, medicine, both of which have very strong user-generated characteristics, and both of which have taken the patient progressively deeper into the institution.)

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