Proactively asking for reviews online?

Posted by Reed Smith @reedsmith, Apr 5, 2019

Does anyone proactively ask consumers for reviews? For example, texting patients after a clinic visit and asking about their experience – with a redirect to Google? If so I am working on a project and would love to pick your brain.


Thank you @laurynb for the excellent Press Ganey white paper. I agree with their conclusions (within their context of defining patients as consumers), but one word of caution when considering reviews and feedback loops – ask the question “how could this feedback system hurt our patients?”

Remember, physicians are people too, and one public negative review, justified or not, could negatively impact the care of that physician’s next 1000 patients they see. It could result in early retirement or a provider costing $100,000 of dollars in replacement cost, or worst case, it could result in contributing to a physician suicide (already a significant problem area).

When we think of patients as “consumers”, and physicians as “service providers”, there is an unavoidable component of dehumanization that will come with this. I am not saying we should avoid getting consumer feedback as a business; just understand that it can come with a significant human cost.

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I appreciate you reminding us that physicians are people too and subject to the emotional roller coaster that public negative reviews can start, @matthewrehrl. Do you have any recommendations for how to address those physician concerns? For instance, when we encounter negative reviews about a physician, should we reassure him/her in some way?


Thanks for the details, @jshellenberger. I'm impressed with how your organization has incorporated social media reviews with active patient care. Great example. One more question – is it usually just a verbal ask, or do they receive an email or handout of some kind to encourage reviews?

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@DanHinmon, Each of our facilities has print collateral that has been developed by Communications/Branding that is available to them. Some use it, others do not.

In addition to word-of-mouth and print collateral, we are beginning to roll out digital solicitation. Our monitoring tool allows for a kiosk mode that can solicit first- and third-party reviews from a tablet or computer at the facility. We also can send email requests, although this is going to be a mostly manual process while we refine the strategy regarding email.


Hi Reed, we review request based on the clinics current review rating. I may suggest a direct ask, a hand out card, an in office sign or other method. We are looking into automated review requesting as well.
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We created cards (business card sized) that say "Find us on Social Media" and include the logos for Google Maps, Yelp, Healthgrades etc. The doctors can indicate to their medical assistants when a patient is a "happy" customer and the MA includes the card with the paperwork the patient takes home after a visit. Our Ortho docs started using them last year and it's really working. We are planning to roll them out to our primary docs soon. Our Quality folks are also working with a vendor that helps direct patients who complete our patient satisfaction surveys to share positive reviews (not as familiar with what all is involved in that, though).

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