Posting Videos on Instagram

Posted by Darcy DeMars @darcydemars, Tue, Jun 11 9:42am

What is your process for posting videos to Instagram? Because they don't have a desktop version, it seems we need to use a mobile device. However, getting larger files to those devices has been a challenge.

Hi Darcy, The easiest way I have found to make this work is to Dropbox the video on web and then use the app on my phone. Or I will send it to myself in Slack, Teams, Messenger, etc.


We schedule through Hootsuite, which fixes that issue.


Our social team schedules through Sprinklr, which works nicely. I also work with our video team to make sure the files are relatively small without sacrificing quality. Before using Sprinklr, I used Dropbox to move from desktop to phone.


If you're using IGTV, you can upload via desktop. I believe a preview starts in your feed then "continuing viewing" option pops up to take people to the full story in IGTV.

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