Policy on blocking Facebook or twitter followers

Posted by ncrozier @ncrozier, Sat, May 9 1:09pm

Hello! Does anyone have any policies on when and if to block trolls who continually posts negative false information on hospital social media accounts

In Switzerland it's very dependent on a hospital social media strategy. One hospital let people post negative comments, expecting that other people will argue with those. Another hospital approves every comment before it gets posted. Third hospital deletes immediately negative comments. However, I have never seen many negative comments on hospitals' social media platforms.


We do not have a formal policy. If someone continually posts derogatory comments or anything that I know violates the platform's terms of service, I delete. Sometimes I ban. If there's a particular topic that keeps coming up, Facebook has a feature in settings where you can set certain trigger words to automatically hide the comment from the page (the person who posted and their friends can see it, but no one on the page can), then you can review it and decide to unhide, keep it hidden or delete. I don't think Twitter has that feature. All I can see is the mute, block or report. Block on Twitter only stops them from seeing your posts while they are logged in, so they can't engage. They can still post whatever they want. Fortunately, I don't have to use these features often. I hope this helps.

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