Podcasts for Nurses related to social media?

Posted by Nicole Kunkel @nickunkel, Apr 30, 2019

Hello! I am a nurse supervisor interested in podcasts related to Nursing and Social Media. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Good idea! I wonder if @mandylyons or @roxanneshort know of any?


Good idea! I wonder if @mandylyons or @roxanneshort know of any?

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Great question. I've been unable to find any podcasts related to nursing and social media.


Maybe @jkennedy93 or @afritsche or @cbushrn will have ideas?


There was a great Twitter Chat on HCLDR last night about healthcare podcasts! Go check the thread so lots of suggestions but here are a few:

The Savvy Scribe (MCSMN member Carol Bush talks about writing for healthcare)
and when in doubt, Google!


It's not nursing specific but Dr. Vartabedian hosts a podcast exploring the boundaries of medicine, technology, and culture. http://touchpoint.health/shows/the-exam-room/

Perhaps @reedsmith and @chrisboyer might have other ideas?


Reed Smith and Chris Boyer are podcast knowledge rockstars..

. A couple of general thoughts for content. Because nurses are the point of contact with patients, the chance for a HIPPA slip up may be pretty high. Therefore, if choosing content matter as a starting point I would probably go with something less patient focused by still of high economic value – such as Nursing Recruiting. Ex: A podcast such as A Nurses Life – could have broad appeal to nursing students, people considering working for your org as nurses, etc and could be of interest for people in transition – for example Life Flight nurses are a different breed than Hospice Nurses than a Nurse Practitioners than Peds ICU nurses , etc and all have much to offer…. an interview format with standard “Actors Studio Like” Questions could be pretty cool.

Again though – the desire to tell patient stories will be really high – be super HIPPA aware!

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