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Posted by Stephanie Abeles @stephanieabeles, Sep 23, 2015

Hello! We are looking for some guidance on Online Reputation Management. Our health system is currently evaluating five vendors to monitor reviews on sites such as Goolge+, Yelp, Healthgrades, Vitals and more. Our top two contenders are Reputation and ORM Survey. Has anyone used either of these vendors? If so, do you have any feedback about their services?

My second question has to do with how involved patient experience teams are with managing Online Reputation Management. Are patient experience teams logging into the platform to manage reviews hands on or is this primarily managed by other teams?

Any input, guidance or shared experiences would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Great question, Stephanie. Here’s a recent discussion in the community that might help with your first question. Don’t have any experience with the second.


And another discussion:


You might find these ideas re: Doximity that @FarrisTimimi shared in a blogpost to be interesting as well:


Hope this helps!

Ideally, you’d like a system that monitors; helps you respond in a HIPAA compliant way; and deputizes your patients to tell their story to the world for upload to the dominant review sites. When prospective patients are searching for doctors and institutions, they do not know WHO they are searching for; they just know WHAT they are searching for. So, it’s not enough to just monitor – which would be a passive activity. It’s just as important to facilitate review capture and feedback – which is an active activity.

Full disclosure, I’m CEO of eMerit, an organization that manages such services.

Jeff Segal

The digital team at Hartford HealthCare recently reviewed a demo provided by Binary Fountain. It was just fully integrated with Hootsuite (which we are considering as a social media engagement and listening platform, though they are quite expensive).

We were impressed with what Binary Fountain could bring to the table – and they are standalone, in the event you are not currently integrated with HootSuite.

They do offer the positive of taking openended reviews, making sense of them through a Natural Language Processing (NLP) metric, providing value to written reviews. They categorize 37 metrics across the patient experience. It helps to identify real issues that need to be addressed immediately.

Their Provider Social Index (PSI) looks at publicly available data on MDs (Zoc Doc, Google+, etc) and rates it to provide a reputation score.

One interesting feature is the ability to post positive reviews on your own website, particularly those from Press Ganey. On our side, there would need to be a major build (about 3-6 months) to make that operational on all of our websites, which are currently undergoing a major overhaul anyway.

Pricing provides for unlimited seats, and is done based upon the number of providers you are monitoring, with tiered pricing based upon the same number (the more docs. the less per doc for monitoring based on volume).

We are looking at at least one other product, and I’ll likely propose we look into the two that you have mentioned as well.

Hope that helps!

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